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Q. How much does a BankNotes site cost?

A. BankNotes consulting engagements are billed on a time and materials basis. We are usually, although not always, hired to create a BankNotes site as part of a new system implementation or existing system upgrade project. Describing and carefully tracking project scope and cost is part of our clearly defined documentation and project development methodology.

Q. Are there additional software licensing costs?

A. No. BankNotes runs on open source software so there are no licensing costs.

Q. Are there any other additional costs?

A. Secure hosting by ProjectStory (after your site is live) is available. (Price range varies with support level. You can also host the site yourself.)

Q. How long does a BankNotes engagement typically last?

A. There is no "typical" BankNotes engagement, since every Operations group is unique. The length of the engagement generally correlates to the breadth and complexity of the functions being documented.

Q. What's the BankNotes deliverable?

A. BankNotes webs are self-contained web sites structured to reflect the bank operation(s) being documented.

Q. Who are BankNotes sites designed for?

A. The focus of most BankNotes sites is Operations. BankNotes sites are for end users, such as back-office personnel, as well as management, support, audit, and compliance. We have also built sites for IT and support groups that generally focus on different, more technically and architecturally oriented content.

Q. What specific problems does BankNotes solve?

A. A BankNotes site provides current, complete, customized, cross-referenced, illustrated and searchable system documentation. So in addition to having a fully documented system by the time you Go Live, your BankNotes site also provides you with a robust training solution while providing the audit and compliance groups a comprehensive map of system functionality and corresponding workflows.

Q. Who benefits from a BankNotes site?

A. End users, management, support, internal audit, compliance, and anyone else who uses the site! Who wouldn't benefit from an exceptionally well documented, clear, complete, and comprehensive description of how Operations works?

Q. What types of information is posted on a ProjectStory BankNotes site?

A. The BankNotes site is a flexible, usable, content management system that can be used to organize and display everything from operational workflows to detailed step-by-step functional procedures.

Q. Do you work with specific technologies and business applications?

A. The BankNotes methodology is specifically designed to facilitate the creation of usable workflow documentation and corresponding procedures for any business application.

Q. Does BankNotes have a testing component?

A. ProjectStory's web-based PSCertify® works exceptionally well as a BankNotes training and certification solution. Please see for more information.

Q. Can other customers see my site?

A. No, all BankNotes sites are proprietary and available only via secure login to bank authorized users.

Q. Are BankNotes sites secure?

A. BankNotes uses industry-standard SSL encryption. Your data is secure.

Project questions and answers

Q. When should I start my BankNotes implementation project?

A. BankNotes implementations are particularly useful as part of a new system installation or upgrade project, so we strongly recommend that you consider starting your BankNotes implementation when your project starts. Keep in mind that your finished BankNotes project addresses system documentation, training, audit AND compliance project requirements.

Q. How does a BankNotes project start?

A. A BankNotes project starts with a series of carefully structured interviews where the project team identifies scope and functionality related to the structure of the site. At the end of these initial meetings you will be presented with a high level site design document for review and approval.

Q. How long will my BankNotes project last?

A. BankNotes project duration depends on the scope of what is being documented.

Q. What is the BankNotes project methodology?

A. BankNotes projects are iterative: content is posted, reviewed, revised, and reposted until the customer signs off. The BankNotes development process is discussed and demonstrated in detail at the project kick-off meeting.

Q. How many BankNotes analysts will I need for my project?

A. Depends on the scope and scale of the project. BankNotes projects usually engage from 1-6 writers and a project manager as needed.

Q. How do we develop our BankNotes project plan?

A. A detailed project plan will be completed as a deliverable from the project kick-off meeting and initial customer interviews.

Q. Who needs to be involved?

A. It depends on the project. Many projects focus on a specific business operation so those responsible for training and certifying employees in that group should be on the project team to provide and validate content. The customer should also assign a project manager to monitor project progress and serve as the client side point person.

Q. How much time should the customer expect to spend on the project?

A. The project is a collaborative effort. We work hard to ensure that both our and our customers' time is spent as efficiently as possible. More specific resource allocation conversations are an agenda item for the intial BankNotes project kick-off meetings.

Q. Do ProjectStory consultants need to be on site during the engagement?

A. Not necessarily. We have worked on projects both onsite and remotely. Periodic face-to-face customer meetings are highly recommended.

Q. How does ProjectStory communicate status?

A. All BankNotes projects use a secure online project management tool for communicating status and publishing/tracking project milestones. You will be assigned a ProjectStory project manager who will work with you to develop whatever status reporting you require.


Q. Can I maintain my BankNotes site myself after the project?

A. Yes. BankNotes is specifically designed for ease of maintenance. As part of our engagement, we will walk your designated resource through how to change and update site content (as well as how to keep the site infrastructure up to date and running smoothly). ProjectStory can also be retained for ongoing site maintenance.

Q. Can we host our own BankNotes site?

A. Yes, BankNotes is built using open source software; it is very simple to install and has a small infrastructure footprint.

Q. How much does it cost for ProjectStory to host our BankNotes site?

A. ProjectStory will host your BankNotes site for $300/month. Annual site maintenance contracts cover server and software upgrades only. User administration and content updates are not included.

Q. Can ProjectStory help us maintain our BankNotes site?

A. Yes. ProjectStory can be retained on an hourly or retainer basis (customized to your needs) for ongoing content updates.

BankNotes technical questions

Q. What kind of software does BankNotes run on?

A. BankNotes runs on the following open source industry standard software: Apache, PHP, MySQL, and WordPress.

Q. Can I have more than one BankNotes web?

A. Yes. It only takes a couple of hours to install a new site. We have had projects where the client felt it was more useful to divide the content between sites. This is usually based on who the respective audiences are. For example, we just completed a project where we built one site for the operations staff that focused primiarly on product and process catalogs, step by step procedures, and system screen prints, while a separate site, whose audience was primarily the more technical application support team, focused on system architecture diagrams and supporting detail.

Q. Will I need a full-time resource to support the BankNotes site?

A. That depends on the magnitude of future changes being made to the site. Keeping operational procedures up to date can be time-consuming; the only thing more expensive is not doing it. The process of updating the content is mechanical and straightforward. Developing and managing content is what takes time.

Q. Can ProjectStory support our site after implementation?

A. ProjectStory offers secure hosting and, separately, ongoing content management maintenance options.

Q. How many users can a BankNotes site support?

A. Virtually an unlimited number can be supported as BankNotes is based on Wordpress and MySQL, both of which are exceptionally scalable.


Q. Can you provide references?

A. We will be happy to provide you with references from a diverse customer base.


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